Product Information:


 We built a brand that is known for its authentic high quality products




Our designs are a visual interpretation of Gods word inspired by scriptures.




The artwork is one of a kind, hand drawn images you will never find anywhere else. We use several artists, but our main artist is world renowned. He draws for clothing brands you can purchase at Hot Topic International, Imperial Merch, Best Buy, FYE, Walmart & many major label music bands that tour the world.


Screen Printing Process:


The process we use to make our apparel is comparable to apparel you purchase at Bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus & Macy's. We use Fashion fit Tshirts and soft ink in the screen printing process. So the quality of our apparel are comparable to mainstream apparel.


Material we use:


All of our products are pre-shrunk so shrinkage is not a problem. The fashion ink makes the apparel soft to the touch and also durable so you can wash it multiple times without losing the vibrant colors of the artwork. Our objective is to make great quality apparel that represents light and still be trendy & fashion forward.




Thus far our work can be divided up into two collections. "The Signature Collection" which include designs that are inspired by scriptures found anywhere in the bible showing light over darkness. The other collection is called "The Genesis Collection" which designs are inspired by specific stories found in the book of Genesis. The design tells a message in art form without using words. Thus the phrase worship without words or a art gallery for Christ is often used to describe this collection. We plan to expand and work our way through the bible in chronological order one book or collection at a time. Once we complete the Genesis Collection we will start on the Exodus Collection and so on. Forever & Infinity.




Our daily prayer is to forever be used for HIS Glory. In the end Hustling Spirit wants to be known for: "Fighting the good fight, finishing the race and keeping the faith."

Product Information

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