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"Bone of my Bones & Flesh of my Flesh" Unisex Graphic Fashion Soft Tee

The artistry in this design was inspired by the verse" (Genesis 2:23) “Bone of My Bones & Flesh of My Flesh.” The artwork in this design is depicting the first love story of mankind. Adam & Eve’s first encounter with each other after God removed Adam’s rib and made Eve out of it. This love scene exudes the intense love and admiration they felt for each other, and the miracle and awesomeness of God creating a woman out of a man.

*Unisex Item, we recommend Females purchasing one size smaller*

If the size you’re looking for is “sold out” please contact us at:
to request to be notified once your size is available.

Pic (02)
Event: EVDG Photo-shoot
Photographer: T.P Photography
Model: Mary Ann Bognar Axelsen

Pic (3)
Event: ACFW Season 8 RTW
Photographer: Olympus Studio
Model: Kendra Danelle

"Bone of my Bones & Flesh of my Flesh" Unisex Tee