"Warrior Spirit” 1.5" inch Silicone Wristband (*Debossed Color Filled) Qty: 1
Unisex Wristband:


Warrior Spirit The artistry in this design was inspired by

(Ephesians 6:10-20)


This verse urges us to put on the Whole Armor of God.


We may fall down but we get up. We encounter many bumps and bruises throughout our lives just like the distressed look on the wristband.


The biblical symbol on the Wristband represents: Faith, Perseverance & Love

  • Ichthys [fishers of men]
  • Alpha and Omega [beginning and end]
  • Chi-Rho[ is the oldest known monogram for Christ]


We at Hustling Spirit encourage you to Fight the Good Fight while being clothed with strength and dignity.


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Warrior Spirit 1.5-inch Silicone Wristband (*Debossed )

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