We often times forget that our trials and our triumphs are not for ourselves, but yet they are for the encouragement and uplifting of our fellow brother or sister in Christ and for God’s Glory. We sometimes chose to keep these experiences to ourselves for a number of reasons such as: fear of rejection, fear of judgment, fear of insignificance, embarrassment, pride, and the list goes on and on. The bumps and blemishes we have experienced in our lives are our wounds of honor. They tell a beautiful story of how awesome our God truly is. How he can take the foolish things of this earth and confound the wise. How he can make the first last and the last first. We at Hùs†lìñg §pïrì† would love for you to share your story with us. We want to hear how God has brought you from your trial to your triumph.

In addition, we would like to see
WHERE YOU ARE Hùs†lìñg YOUR §pïrì†! Please send us a photo wearing your favorite Hùs†lìñg §pïrì† apparel or accessory all over the world; whether you are Hùs†lìñg your §pïrì† on vacation, at work, in the gym, at bible study or even in your living room. Let’s show the world how we hustle our spirit for Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Please send your photo along with your trial to triumph story to info@hustlingspirit.com for a chance for your testimony and photo to be featured on our website. We’d love to see where you are Hùs†lìñg your §pïrì†.
Be Blessed and continue to Give God the Glory!!! 

Where are you Hùs†lìñg your §pïrì†...


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Deptford, NJ

“Many are called but few are chosen....We were chosen to hustle the spirit by walking in the total image of God by the covenant of marriage. He showing the all-powerful side of God and She showing the All-nurturing side of God. We sure look good in God and in Hustling Spirit!” *Lorletha & Ronald White