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Full Details about TKL Movement:


Thee Kenya Linton is a movement that encourages women to discover their authentic selves and to empower them to begin to use their gifts and talents for impact and income!

On the road to my own self-discovery, I realized God gave me very unique and amazing gifts. He gave me these gifts for a reason. Why am I not walking in them daily? Why am I not producing income from something that comes naturally to me? My gift is here to ultimately draw people to his kingdom (his Glory) and to create an income for me. (my good)

I want to encourage women to know that their gift is not a hobby; it is their purpose and they should passionately pursue it. I want women to know that it is actually possible to get paid for doing their purpose. You don't have to forfeit purpose for provision. You can certainly have both and be fulfilled in doing so!

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Email: info@TKL.Life