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Our Brand Ambassadors work hard to keep the movement moving. They deserve to receive credit for referring you to our website. Please be sure to indicate what Brand Ambassador Referred you at the designated section during your purchase selection.



My name is Terri A Matthis, a Brand Ambassador for Hustling Spirit. I look forward to great things happening with this company as God directs our steps. The Hustle Spirit is real, better catch it!!



Tiffani Rouse

Being A Hustling Spirit Ambassador allows me to reach HIS people in a new conventional/unconventional way! I'm a wife, mother, a Model, Actress, Biblical Counselor, a Marriage Mentor.



Monique Holmes

A healthcare administrator by day and fitness instructor by night. Both jobs are a ministry to me. I love God and sharing that with the world in bright boldness. HS ambassador b/c being a Christian doesn’t mean I have to fit in a box.



Margaret Brown

I chose to be a Hustling Spirit Brand Ambassador because in my professional life, I have to be very “careful” about how I speak or not speak about God. Representing Hustling Spirit allows me to creatively represent God when I want to without even saying a word.




Destini Brown

I chose to be a Hustling Spirit Brand Ambassador because I love the brand and wanted to express my love for God through it. As I am teenager, a lot of kids my age aren’t introduced to church and the ways of God. I want to be able to be that light in their lives and show them how God operates.



Wandria McCall Hampton

Why Hustling Spirit?  Because it embodies everything that is important to me:  inspiration, empowerment and purpose.  Why Hustling Spirit?  Because it’s fashion with a purpose!


Mike Hunt

I believe that we should take every opportunity to show off our faith, Hustling Spirit not only has great designs but a great message to do both.  Whether training clients, promoting business ventures, or living life, being a Ambassador will allow me to profess my faith, while following my dreams.



Bryson Kennedy

I may be little in size, but my presence will leave a big impact on you! I joined HS as a ambassador because at a young age I want to enrich everyone’s lives through my love of taking photos!



Sabrina Johnson

I am a God fearing woman who believes in forging positive relationships, upholding the true meaning of family and pouring into others. This opportunity gives me a chance to lead people to the Kingdom in an unconventional way, however just as impactful as traditional methods of praise and worship. It also afford me the opportunity to fellowship with others through our love of fashion.


Tamira King

I have been following and purchasing "Hustling Spirit" since it launched. Craig and Kenya are my favs and it has been such a pleasure watching them follow GODS Plan for their life and I just HAD to get in on the Hustling Spirit movement!





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