FOREVER BRANDED ❤️ Sample Starter Pack (2 Piece)
FOREVER BRANDED ❤️ Sample Starter Pack (2 Piece)
FOREVER BRANDED ❤️ Sample Starter Pack (2 Piece)
FOREVER BRANDED ❤️ Sample Starter Pack (2 Piece)

FOREVER BRANDED ❤️ Sample Starter Pack (2 Piece)

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FOREVER BRANDED ❤️ Sample Starter Pack (2 Piece)

Try out our Premium Monthly subscription without the recurring charge. Just the current month only.


The mission of this program is to offer entrepreneurs, independent contractors, and business owners the opportunity to receive their very own branded items monthly. Our monthly subscription program is great for entrepreneurs who want their brand to stand out without saying a word. Our subscribers will be pleasantly surprised each month with trendy and stylish customized merchandise that will be sure to catch the eye of new customers and clients! The various items the brand owner can look forward to receiving in their monthly subscription include but are not limited to the following: Jerseys, Sweatshirts, T-shirts, hoodies, vests, backpacks, travel bags, mugs, mouse pads, Canvas-wall-art, blankets to name a few. A minimum of 24 completely unique items with your brand's logo on them every 12 months. Our goal is to assist the brand owner with being a well-recognized Ambassador of their own brand! This will in turn attract new customers as they will wear/ and use the product to promote their business online and in person. 

Full Details:

The benefits of the program are the following:

  • A minimum of 2 customized branded items per month
  • Brand Awareness/Recognition
  • Silent Marketing/Advertising (A walking billboard for your brand)
  • Affordable product sampling
  • Building inventory for resale
  • Tax Write-off under (Marketing/Advertising) expenses
  • No hassle cancellation policy

Purchase Options:

You will have the option to purchase 

$74.99 / Option #1 / (Qty 2 different Items ) 1 of each item [Great for 1 individual]

$139.99 / Option #2/ (Qty 4 items ) 2 sets of each item [Great for 2 Individuals]


At Checkout "Add a note to your order" Please include your Size:

✅  (Option #1) Your Size Unisex Apparel: S-3XL
✅ (Option #2) Your Size Unisex Apparel (S-3XL) & Your Business Partner Size Unisex Apparel (S-3XL)

Post Order Instructions:

Once the purchase is made, please email: 
✅#1- Your Order Number and Name
✅ #2- Also your "High Resolution" Logo or Image (Logo/Image needs to be on a PNG Transparent Background) Resolutions 300 DPI for best results.  

✅ #3A-  (Option #1) Send your Size Unisex Apparel: S-3XL
✅ #3B- (Option #2) Send your Size Unisex Apparel (S-3XL) & Your Business Partner's Size Unisex Apparel (S-3XL)

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