Stepping Out Even in Fear!

I remember being invited to Fashion Shows by the two amazing producers of Atlantic City Fashion Week. Their shows were so intimidating to us. They are the biggest fashion shows in all of South Jersey! Here we are two upcoming digital designers who had no intention of hitting runways initially. Well sometimes God will send people who sometimes believe in you before you believe in yourself. When I tell you, those two would not let up. Season after Season they invited us and our natural response was "we're not ready" (In my Kevin Hart voice). Until finally we could no longer find excuses to say no. We hit their runway for Season 9 in September, 2016 and it was an incredible experience. The response from the crowd was invigorating. The models were so excited to wear our collection. That type of energy infused and encouraged us. Lastly, the smiles and expressions of confirmation from the infamous Lamont & Jeana Bowling, Producers of ACFW were equivalent to proud parents watching their children perform in their gift. We were already on cloud 9; and that weekend couldn't have gotten better. Not only was there an abuzz about the collection, we were awarded top Ready to Wear Designers of ACFW that season!! Wow!!! Mind Blown!!! Again, here we are two new designers in the game with a brand that is very niche. A Christian Clothing Brand that started off with just wristbands to winning the popular vote of the public all because we finally decided to say YES!!! Whatever is holding you back from stepping out on your dream. Its False evidence that appears as if its real. And it's not. Once you take that first step and that may just mean a YES; you will begin to see that thing unravel like a onion. Go for it!! You can purchase tickets for Season 16 of ACFW at Feb 6th-8th.



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