We Can't Do it Alone!

God gave us a mandate to get his word out to the masses in a unique and artistic way. Hustling Spirit is that vehicle. We were so protective over our baby (Hustling Spirit). Afraid to completely expose it to the world. We love everything about Hustling Spirit but we thought would everyone else too? After 7 years in business with just Craig and I we realized this mission is bigger than us and we can't do it alone. How could we accomplish the mission of spreading God's word to the masses with just the two of us? Yes, we are blessed to have an amazing network of supporters but this thing is meant to reach nations not just the neighborhood.

Many people may not step foot into a church for whatever the reason but they may receive a dose of Jesus through a post from a Ambassador they admire, a garment loaded with a biblical background story meant to empower, encourage and inspire, or maybe a wristband reminding them they are dominating 2020 no matter what the "Breaking News" says.

On one Monday night in the middle of the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic God downloaded a divine plan that included us no longer doing it alone. He was precise and adamant that this endeavor is to produce impact and income. We obeyed and we set out on a journey to lock arms with 12 ambassadors who have a heart for God's people and a mission to expand his Kingdom with their talent and influence!! You see these individuals have their own set of talents and gifts that only those assigned to them will be able to receive. That right there is priceless and something just Craig and I alone can not duplicate.

We are excited about this program as it its so multifaceted. It serves so many purposes. It provides a platform for these amazing individuals to share their gifts with the world, it offers God's people another avenue to receive God's word and encouragement, it provides a opportunity to 12 families for impact and income and lastly and most importantly it will expand the Kingdom of God.

Please support our brand ambassadors on this journey. When you purchase from our website please be sure to select the Brand Ambassador who referred you!! When you support us you also support them!! Thank you in advance for your purchase!!


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