What Keeps You Going?

What Keeps You Going in life?

We are all motivated by many things that keep us from giving up. I would dare not say that we don't think about giving up or we may even be stagnate in the things we want to achieve.

Our vision is one thing for sure that keeps us motivated. Having that visual picture of what we want our future to look like keeps us pushing past the adversity. Anything in life worth having is sure to be an uphill battle.

However, keeping the vision in front of you and most importantly believing in yourself will keep you passionately pursuing your goal. I can't begin to tell you the many obstacles we faced and continue to face in our business. Everyday is a day of figuring it out. Some days we are successful in figuring it out and others; not so much.

In contrast, our vision that we can see, taste, feel and knowing that God has ordered our steps, keeps us running after all that he has for us. Knowing that God gave us this business and that this was no fleeting idea of our own manages to reignite any blown flame we may experience.

Like it says in Psalms 37:23 "The steps of a [good and righteous] man are directed and established by the Lord, and HE delights in his way [and blesses his path]." Know that your steps are ordered so don't worry about the road traveled to get there; just know that your spiritual GPS is guiding you and you will arrive right on time. Stay Encouraged!

Need a reminder that your steps are already predestined and ordered by God? Grab the "Footsteps" hoodie today!


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