You Are A Hustling Spirit Too!

Stay Encouraged!! God's promise over your life didn't change because of a pandemic. Continue to keep your mind and heart stayed on him. Be his Brand Ambassador by showing the world who you are are and whose you are by using your very own gifts and talents. No-one can do it like you!

There may be many people in this world doing similar things that you want to do but no-one has the ability to do it like you. There are individuals in this world who are divinely assigned to you. They need the fruit of your gifts and talents to reach them where they are. Don't be intimidated by the areas you may lack or the naysayers. You didn't know you could ride a bike until you kept trying and eventually you didn't wobble, you didn't crash, you didn't fall. You were eventually able to ride smooth and steady.

God just wants You to get on the bike and begin to peddle. He will be that support behind you holding on to the back of the seat until you can ride "solo". Solo is not actually solo because he will be right there if/when you stumble and fall to pick you up, brush you off and give you that gentle push to get you riding again.

That desire that's in your heart. Yeah the one that you say to yourself, I would love to do that when you see it, and it slightly okay extremely scares you and takes your breath away. Yeah that one. That's the very thing God wants you to pursue. The apprehension and intimidation just confirms that you need God to accomplish it. He wants you to rely on him so that he can get all of the honor and glory from it. So that those divinely assigned to you will be in awe and want to know who is this God that you serve. I want to know him for myself. Now that's when you are demonstrating that Hustling Spirit. Hustling after the things of God and walking in your purpose!!

Be encouraged! Seek after HIS Kingdom and don't worry his goodness will chase you down. Matthew 6:33



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