Vending Builds Community

This is a photo of us at one of our first vending events at Atlantic City Fashion Week; for us vendor life will never end. When you vend the community gets an opportunity to meet the faces behind the brand. We get the opportunity to love on the people that connect and support our brand. We also get that one on one face to face time to share the vision, move the Movement and create moments that go beyond a point of sale!!

We've shared so many special moments with our HS brand supporters at vending events. We've had the opportunity to pray for others, encourage and exhort people, laugh and cry with many.

The people that consistently support your business become more like family. Heck some of them support your dream more than some of your family. They often see you on the computer screen and create a sense of what you may be like from your posts, your pictures and your Snapchats but nothing beats that personal interaction.

We say all this to say if you have a business take the opportunity to come from behind the computer screen and get out into the community to share your vision!! You will be so fulfilled and happy that you did!!!

Our goal this year is to attend 12 vending events for the year. If you are having an event and you feel that Hustling Spieit would be a great fit to your event; please email us your information to

Happy Vending!! Thank you @olympusstudio for capturing one of our first vending moments!


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